Visit to North Arm Viewing Area
Pineview Reservoir

On Friday, June 30, 2000, Mort and I visited North Arm Viewing Area at the Northwest corner of Pineview Reservoir in hopes of seeing a Chat.  Not hearing one, mind you, but seeing one.  We were disappointed.  We saw nothing of that large yellow warbler.  But we did have an enjoyable visit.



For a change, we decided to walk first along the trail toward Pineview and the ever promised, never present observation platform.  We were pleased to see a Sandhill Crane in a nearby field and Osprey on the two platforms.  From the trail, we approached the creek for a possible photo of Monkey Flowers, and instead spooked an Eastern Kingbird and three spotted sandpipers.
Then back over the bridge and onto the loop trail.  From the bridge we saw two Pine Siskins on a sand spit.  That surprised us because we haven't seen any of these birds in the area recently.  Along the loop trail we saw many Yellow Warblers, Gray Catbirds and other common species, but nothing unusual.  (Catbirds are not cats with wings, but they do make a "meow" sound.)  Still looking for adventure, we decided to try the northern end of the new bike/hike trail along the shore of Pineview.  With no rain in weeks, the previously muddy surface had dried to an easy-to-use pathway.  


On our return from one of the Pineview overlooks, we caught sight of a Fox Sparrow and then a Hermit Thrush in the brush and trees.  But the most exciting view all morning was just ahead.  We were startled by a lone fox loping along the trail toward us.  We both raised our binoculars for a good view.  Meanwhile the fox sat down on the trail, curled his tail around his hind legs, and watched us.  I had time to take the accompanying photo (use your imagination), before he stood and ambled off up the slope into the brush to our left.  It was a good morning, all told. 

Our next outing was to Powder Mountain Ski Area on July 3.  We didn't see many birds (but see Mort try to fly).  We did see some Clark's Nutcrackers (named for 1/2 of the Lewis and Clark Exploration Team) and McGillivray's Warblers (named for ?).  We also saw many wildflowers.  Another beautiful day along the Wasatch mountains.

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