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The mission of National Audubon is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the Earth's biological diversity. Wasatch Audubon is a local chapter of National Audubon, covering Weber, North Davis, Morgan and Box Elder Counties in Utah. It is one of nearly 500 such chapters nationwide.

Wasatch Audubon is an association of people who share an interest in birds, all natural things, and Utah's varied habitat. The goals of Wasatch Audubon include:

  • Educating ourselves and others about wildlife and the natural environment;
  • Enjoying the out-of-doors in fellowship with others who share similar values;
  • Fostering an appreciation of wildlife and understanding of ecological principles;
  • Promoting opportunities for the public to see and appreciate birds and bird habitats, and
  • Influencing public policy toward a conservation ethic.

In furtherance of our Chapter's and Audubon's goals we have a regular schedule of activities for our members and others. We enjoy at least one Saturday outing each month (except in July) to see birds, flowers and wildlife. Every Wednesday, we have a half-day bird walk or hike to check out local birding spots. See the calendar in each Mountain Chickadee for details. The Chapter maintains a number of bluebird box trails that we visit yearly.

We hold regular monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of each month (except in July) where members can socialize and experts in various fields keep us up-to-date on the natural world. The Board of Directors meets on the first Tuesday of each even-numbered month. Members are welcome to attend those meetings.

Anyone may attend any of the Chapter's activities. No fees are charged for activities except where noted on our calendar.

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The Chapter can be reached by mail at:
Wasatch Audubon
P.O. Box 3211
Ogden, UT 84409

Any of the people listed below can be reached by phone or email as shown.


President John Bellmon 801-444-3704 bellmonj@comcast.net
Vice President Ben Johnson 801-231-7008 -
Secretary Sharen Perry 801-392-9554 bobshar@comcast.net
Treasurer Nancy Arnett 801-388-0637 racehorsebob@gmail.com
Past President Jay Stretch 801-721-9432 jaystretch@comcast.net


2022/2023 Lynn Carroll 801-392-8216 bradlynnc@comcast.net
2022/2023 Dan Johnston 801-645-8633 danielj47@comcast.net
2022/2023 George Muller 801-754-4035 -
2023/2024 Abigail Johnson - -
2023/2024 Leah Johnson - -
2023/2024 Jen Hitt 801-540-5091 -
2023/2024 Susan Snyder 801-388-4201 naturescall@gmail.com

Committee Chairpersons

Conservation Co-Chair Lynn Carroll 801-392-8216 bradlynnc@comcast.net
Conservation Co-Chair John Bellmon 801-444-3704 bellmonj@comcast.net
Education Dennis Collins 801-393-1115 sarden4@comcast.net
Feeder Projects Laura Johnston 801-458-9558 lauraj51@comcast.net
Field Trips Dan Johnston 801-645-8633 danielj47@comcast.net
Bird Walks Ben Johnson 801-231-7008 -
Historian Ruth Davis 801-309-0425 ruthiequilts8@yahoo.com
Hospitality Jeane Taylor 801-394-2813 birds2156@comcast.net
Membership Lynn Carroll 801-392-8216 bradlynnc@comcast.net
Newsletter Laura Johnston 801-458-9558 lauraj51@comcast.net
Programs Susan Snyder 801-388-4201 naturescall@gmail.com
Publicity Arnold Smith 801-829-3383 smithlrh@hotmail.com
Information Manager Connor Johnson 385-209-5396 johnson.connor.pro@gmail.com